About This Course

Understanding Sealers for Stone and Masonry

This course is a must for any stone fabricator or restoration technician. 

Presented by Fred Hueston, Chief Technical Director for SurpHaces and President of Stone Forensics, Understanding Sealers and Impregnators explains the difference between sealers and impregnators, consolidants and densifiers, strippable and permanent coatings, and more. Students will gain an understanding of what sealers can and can't do, why vapor transmission matters, and answers to commonly asked questions. 

Fred arms students with essential knowledge about when sealers are appropriate, what type of sealer to use, and how to apply sealers, and more. When customers have sealing needs or questions about sealers, those who have taken this course can confidently provide informed solutions and recommendations. 

Resources for this course include a Glossary of Terms used in the course as well as content you can use to educate your customer about sealers.

Course Curriculum

What This Course Covers

  • 1

    Sealers for Stone and Masonry - What You Need to Know

    • Introduction to Sealers

    • Sealer Types

    • Vapor Transmission - Breathability

    • How to Apply an Impregnator

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Review Questions and Answers

  • 2


    • Glossary of Terms Used

    • Information Doc "About Sealing Your Stone"