How to Build a Case Studies Gallery

Well-crafted Web Case Studies are Powerful for Driving Sales

AVAILABLE 12/6/2022

This course is presented by Alice Dean, technical writer for SurpHaces, who has years of experience creating effective case studies for service companies, and Thomas Dean, professional photographer. They will take you on a guided tour to walk you through what you need to know to create compelling and effective case studies for your website.

You will learn: 

  • What a case study gallery is 
  • Why building case studies, though a surprisingly low investment, will give you greater rate of return than almost any other marketing dollar spent 
  • How case studies please the ‘Google gods’ and give you an edge on SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • Why a typical website gallery doesn’t compare to the power of a case studies gallery 
  • What a case study gallery should include
  • Types of case study formats
  • Examples of case studies
  • How to super-charge your SEO and conversion through your case studies
  • Other ways to leverage your case study gallery to grow your business
  • How to increase effectiveness of PPC campaigns with your case studies gallery
  • How to prepare images for your case studies
  • How to write effective copy that sells you!
  • Tips and caveats
  • How to know whether you should create case studies in-house or outsource them
  • Which jobs are the most appropriate for an investment in a video case study
  • How to promote your case studies for the most marketing mileage
  • Professional tips for taking good photos
  • Basic smart phone photography and videography features and settings
  • Tips for capturing the most compelling images and footage
  • Optional equipment to consider
  • Overcoming obstacles on the job site
  • Workflow plans
  • Properly saving and sharing file via email or other platforms
  • How to get permission from the client/customer

Additional learning materials and downloadable resources

QC Checklist and Reference Guide along with other resources to help you manage your case studies.

  • Certificate of Completion
  • LinkedIn Certificate
Value of Case Studies Gallery

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