Course Overview

You've mastered marble restoration, now it's time to master granite floor restoration.

This course is available as eLearning only ($395) or 1-day hands-on class plus eLearning. View hands-on class dates.

This course offers training for stone restoration contractors who are currently in the marble restoration business but have not yet mastered granite restoration. In this class you will learn basic granite restoration and granite polishing processes for floors, including how to determine whether the granite needs honing or polishing.

Course Topics

  • Determining granite damage
  • Lippage removal
  • Feathering
  • Honing granite floors
  • Polishing granite floors
  • Sealing granite floors


Throughout the eLearning lessons, students can post lesson specific questions through the lesson discussion panel and instructors will provide feedback. Students will also have access to on-going support through the Community of Practice (CoP) Discussion Group. Many other valuable resources are available as well.

granite floor restoration at the SurpHaces Learning Institute

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