The SurpHaces Learning Institute

It is where beginners come to learn from the ground up and seasoned pros come to take their skills and business to the next level.

Students from across the country and around the globe look to the SurpHaces Learning Institute to learn the art, science and business of stone, tile, metal, wood, and other surfaces renewal and maintenance. What can they expect? Extraordinary instructors, thoughtfully planned out course outlines, and tremendous resources and support all designed to best prepare and launch the student for maximized success.

We take your real world concerns into account.


Our courses are designed to get you trained quickly and maximize your learning while eliminating or significantly reducing time needed away from home or work.


You will find our courses to be priced right and eliminate or minimize costs such as travel and hotel expenses.


Our courses are developed by industry pros to increase skills that you can put into effect immediately to start selling services or grow your business, all reinforced with valuable resources and ongoing support.


Designed to meet your real-world requirements


    On-demand eLearning lets you decide where and when your training takes place. There is no need to clear your schedule to accommodate certain dates or times. You can simply log in and out at your convenience on your computer, tablet or smart phone, picking up where you left off in the previous session.


    Our intensive hands-on training is taught at our location. Classroom time is typically 8 hours/day. Students work in low student-to-teacher ratio. Each student is assigned their own equipment, tools and floor, walls, or countertop space…


    We are happy to accommodate custom training requirements! Need to train your team at your facility? Looking to be trained on topics over and above what’s taught in our existing eLearning or hands-on training courses? Give us a call or send us a message. Let’s discuss your custom training needs and make it happen!


Learn and be supported by industry experts with decades of experience

Fred Hueston

Fred, aka Dr. Fred, is the Chief Technical Director for SurpHaces and the Learning Institute and the president of Stone Forensics, Inc...

Doug Nelson

After years of teaching the hands-on course, Marble and Stone Floor Restoration, Doug delivers the training to students in the eLearning version...

John Freitag

John is the former Director of the Stone and Tile School (now SurpHaces Learning Institute) and owner of Elite Stone and Tile Care...

Steve Aleric

Manufacturer of ColorSeal Pro Professional Grout Color Sealer, and owner of Perfect Services (Tile and Grout Restoration), Steve brings many years...

Deborah Nelson

Founder of SurpHaces, Deborah is an expert in visual communications, interactive multimedia, internet marketing, and cutting-edge business...

Alice Dean

Alice has extensive experience creating case studies and is formally educated and trained in writing, digital media, and stone and tile restoration...


Our instructors and tech directors, along with like-minded peers, provide valuable on-going dialog and support

-Kevin Perez, SC

"This course built my confidence to jump on floor restoration ASAP! Thank you"

-- Joe, Tampa FL

"I have been able to implement so many of the incredible ideas I got from taking the marketing courses and my business is now thriving because of it. I am looking forward to taking more courses. Love that I can do it right from my computer."

--Jesse Franklin, Austin TX

"The class was Super Informative and delivered in plain terms and easy to understand examples and it was especially interesting interacting with others in the class. Fantastic job and now it's time to start putting this knowledge to work. Thank you again!!"


We are here to help you reach your objectives quickly and on solid footing.

  • Gain new skills

    Gain in-demand skills that will enable you to add to your current service offerings or increase your value to prospective employers.

  • Train your technicians

    Reinforce your in-house training with courses available on demand! Additional resources, and instructor support make it even better.

  • Grow a strong business

    Valuable training and resources for entrepreneurs. Be inspired with new ideas and insider info from seasoned experts.

Continuing Education is a Game Changer

Staying on top of your game is the number one pillar of success. Here what people tell us how their continuing education has changed their lives.

"This course built my confidence to jump on floor restoration ASAP! Thank you". 

-Kevin Perez, SC


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